HPV myths and facts

Unfortunately, myths and misconceptions about genital HPV abound, and in some cases do considerable harm. Bad information can cause a person to suffer terrible anxiety unnecessarily, to doubt a partner’s […]

How do tanning lotions work?

We’re all well versed in the dangers of spending too much time in the sun. If you’re unlucky enough not to have the time for a couple of weeks on […]

How to sunbath safely?

Too much and you risk skin cancer, too little and you’ll lack vitamin D – so just how much sun should we all get? Recent headlines about the health benefits […]

Misconceptions about moles and melanoma

Is has long been known that moles are something not to be played with. However, certain myths still lead us to errors that can be serious and even deadly. What […]

Does pulling hair out of a mole turn it cancerous?

„Can I tweeze out the single hair that grows from a mole without rising the risk of turning it cancerous?” – a common questinon from my patients during my visitis. […]

What is wrong with Mineral Oil used in cosmetic products?

First I have to tell: in my opinion nothing. The idea that Mineral Oil used in cosmetic products is an artificial chemical substance that will cause for example cancer and […]

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