I t would no doubt look much better for me to introduce myself as someone who, even as a young child, played doctor with her baby dolls and already at the beginning of finding myself set out to become a doctor when I’d grow up. This however, was not the case with me. I only decided relatively late in life – and persuaded somewhat by my parents – after graduating from high school, that I would like to pursue a career in medical field.

After having practiced medicine for nearly two decades now, I can honestly say that I feel truly blessed and thankful for having chosen this line of profession.

Already, while attending medical school, I was amazed how wonderfully the human body is “put together” and – thanks to the incredible advances in medicine – how beautifully it can be mended if for whatever reason it would “break”. Later on, already as a dermatologist, a realized how many of us are suffering from various ailments of the skin. Old friends and acquaintances are confining their sensitive skin-related problems in me, seeking my advice and diagnosis on a daily basis.

It is always a wonderful feeling to be able to help someone who’s been suffering from a skin disease and it gives me enormous pleasure when I can help contribute to a person’s feeling better in his or her own “skin” (pun intended).

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