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Everything You Ever Wanted to know about Botox 

A cosmetologist injects a botulinum toxin to tighten and smooth out wrinkles on the skin of a female face.

contouring cosmetic injection

Finding a Botox by BYou Laser Clinic service is getting easier since Botox in NYC is becoming very popular. However, you need to find the very best service if you want to experience the positive effects of Botox without any risks.

A cosmetologist injects a botulinum toxin to tighten and smooth out wrinkles on the skin of a female face.

Сontouring cosmetic injection

What is Botox?

Botox is the name we give to a very powerful toxin of the Botulism bacteria. The toxin has uses that range from preventative to cosmetic injections and healing medicine.

How does Botox work on the face? Through cosmetic injections, the toxin has a paralyzing effect that occurs over a period of a month and lasts around six months. As your facial muscles become more elastic, the skin on your face normalizes and facial lines become less prominent.

Benefits of Botox

Botox treatments help reduce lines and wrinkles in the face. They may also be used to treat various medical and skin conditions. The wrinkle-reducing effects last longer than any other non-surgical wrinkle-reducing procedure.

Who Uses Botox for Face Wrinkles?

Most people can make use of Botox therapy, though there are upper and lower age limits. Younger people do not tend to need Botox.

What is the age to start using Botox injections? Assuming you are only taking Botox to relax face muscles and not for medical purposes, then over the age of 30 is probably best, unless you are a smoker, in which case starting younger may be required.

About Doctor

You need a legitimate, qualified, and insured Botox Dr in order to perform the Botox procedure and skin services. Without the right qualifications, insurance, and suppliers, things can go very wrong.

Botox Before and After

The effects cannot be seen immediately after use. It often takes between a week and a month to see the effects. Nevertheless, skin often looks smoother, and wrinkles look less pronounced.

Customer Reviews

The use of botulinum is no small task, and it is important that you seek the opinions and thoughts of other people who have used the service, especially if you are planning on having it yourself.

What Stages Does This Procedure Have?

You will be asked questions before being allowed to continue, just to make sure you are a viable candidate for Botox. The doctor will inject Botox by TorontoBotox into your skin after a minimum of prep work. Take care of your skin, and you will see your lines start to fade after around a month. That is all there is to it; the process is very quick and efficient.

Does it Hurt?

Few people would claim that it hurts, stating in fact that things like acupuncture hurt far more. You may have a local anesthetic if you wish, though most people just like to get it over with, and a local anesthetic means more needles. Most people would describe Botox as mildly uncomfortable both during the procedure and afterward.

How Long Does This Procedure Last 

It takes around six months for facial muscles to regain their full range of movement, though most people claim that the benefits of Botox last longer than six months.


What Areas Can Be Injected

If Botox is being used for a medical purpose as opposed to beauty purposes, then it is injected wherever the doctor advises. However, for cosmetic purposes, it may be injected in these areas:


  • In than cheeks and near the cheekbones
  • The jawline and chin
  • A shot near the brow to help avoid needing a brow lift
  • Near the lips to help avoid a gummy smile
  • Around the neck: saggy neck/turkey neck
  • In the frown lines around mouth/nasolabial folds
  • In the lip lines including the upper lip wrinkles and vertical lip lines
  • To remove forehead wrinkles: 11 lines/between eyebrows and horizontal forehead lines
  • Near your frown lines and crows feet
  • Used for wrinkles under eyes with the use of specific injection points
  • Injected into your glabella lines
  • Around smile lines, your mouth lines, and laugh lines
  • Near the eyes to avoid droopy eyelid appearance


Rather than going for facelift surgery, you can have full face Botox in everything from marionette lines to under-eye bags. You can remove wrinkles from places like the corners of the mouth or eyes. It is a great way to get rid of wrinkles and help your skin look as natural and youthful as possible.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

As a skincare cosmetic procedure, Botox Cosmetics costs $12.00/unit, or up to 20 units cost $10.00/unit, or up to 50 units cost $9.50/unit, and more than 50 units cost $9.00/unit.

Where Can You Get Botox in Brooklyn, New York City?

You need to find an FDA approved Botox clinic to undergo dermal Botox. The only service that guarantees perfect results every time is the www.byoulaserclinic.com. With the best medical professionals in the city, you are safe in our hands.

Advantages in Our Clinic

We have a perfect safety record, and only original drugs are used, we do not buy from third-party suppliers. We offer the best results in the city, we are licensed to administer board-certified Botox in all facial features. With other companies, you will see that results may vary, but with our services, you are guaranteed successful results every time.


How do you prepare?

Botox is a non-surgical procedure, so preparation is minimal. Keep your face clean and inform your doctor of any skin conditions. Have your consultation, and perhaps a little anesthetic, and you are ready to go.

What not to do after Botox?

Let your skin adjust naturally and do not use abrasive skin treatments, anti-aging creams, or any form of sunbed. Do not take new medications without your doctor’s consent, and do not try to rush the wrinkle-removing process. Do not try additional injections without consulting a doctor first.

Can you drink alcohol after Botox?

It is strongly suggested that you do not drink alcohol or take blood thinners after Botox, as there is still a small risk the toxin will migrate into other areas of the body.

How long does Botox take to work after the injection?

Some people claim they see results after just a week, but it takes between one week and four weeks for the effects to be fully realized. This is because the lines in your face take a while to plump out and normalize even after the muscles have been paralyzed.

How Long Does Botox Last? Your Botox will last months. The industry standard is six months, but many people say it lasts longer.

How many procedures do you need? You may be Googling to find a “Botox clinic near me,” but the fact is you can travel because most people only need one procedure. There is no need for repeated visits for the first treatment.

How often do you need a procedure?

Is Botox permanent? No, it is not. With correct aftercare, most people opt to have the procedure once per year. Even though the results only last around six months, many people feel that a good skin care regimen and a healthy lifestyle helps to keep skin looking good all year round with the help of Botox. Some feel that if they have Botox too often, then they may look angry or without character.

Is Botox safe?

You have probably seen YouTube videos of Botox gone wrong, but a legitimate certified clinic like ours has a 100% success rate. As a result, our Botox procedures are 100% safe every time.

Side Effects

The safe application of the Botox neurotoxin has no side effects other than mild discomfort and a healing process that lasts around a week.


It should not be given if you are breastfeeding, and if you are mentally subnormal and/or not responsible for your actions. People who are under 20 should probably avoid the procedure, and people who are sixty or over should not have Botox because it has little effect after a certain age. There are many medications where Botox is not recommended, especially blood-thinning medications.

Woman gets Botox injection in her face

Caucasian woman getting botox cosmetic injection in the lips.

Can We Combine Botox With Other Procedures?

Unless you have an allergy or another suitable medical reason, then you can mix Botox with a range of different procedures. For example, having Botox in your frown lines and having your lips injected with collagen is fine. Having Botox in your upper lip and having your eyebrows laser sculpted is also okay.

Will Botox make me feel numb and look frozen?

Contrary to when you see a typical frozen Botox face on TV, the frozen face look is not something that actually happens. Mostly every celebrity over the age of 30 has Botox, and they do not look frozen-faced. There are no damaging reactions or safety concerns with regards to the Botox or your Botox needle, just so long as you have the procedure at a legitimate Botox clinic.

Will my friends know I got Botox?

A savvy friend may notice you have taken steps to prevent wrinkles, but the effects on the face and muscle tissue take a long time to occur. Plus, the duration of the effects lasts a long time too. Your friends will not know you have had Botox.                        

Does Botox change your face?

With correct Botox preparation and correct planning, it can alter the shape of your face and may be useful for v shape face configurations. You will not have an allergic reaction that changes your face, nor will you have a shiny forehead. We have seen that Botox can change the shape of your face and is often used for face shaping, and it does so by bringing it back to its natural resting position. Botox for v line face shaping is also desirable.

Cases when the Botox doesn’t work

The only time when Botox doesn’t work is when somebody is too old for the procedure. However, a legitimate Botox clinic will not administer Botox to somebody who is too old for it to have any effect (unless it is for medical reasons).

Will health insurance pay for Botox on the face?

If your Botox procedure is for medical purposes, then your health insurance may pay up. However, if it is for cosmetic reasons, and your work’s insurance won’t pay, then your health insurance probably won’t pay either.


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